Feel the love yet?

Here is a sampling of some of our client’s sentiments over the past few years.

When my wife and I decided to start looking at buying our first home…

“When my wife and I decided to start looking at buying our first home for our young and expanding family (2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats) we agreed that the most important part of the process was to find a real estate agent whom we could trust to provide a very high level of expertise and service.

We subsequently canvassed our friends and family for recommendations and although we met a number of seemingly well qualified and experienced professionals, Agent Gus really stood out amongst his peers as someone we could implicitly trust to best guide us through this process. As a two professional household, our time is more valuable than our money and Agent Gus totally committed himself to getting to know us by first seeking to understand our needs and limitations, styles and tastes, then proceeded to educate us about the process of buying a home, market realities, managing the emotions of the process…in short, he invested a considerable amount of his time on the front-end so as to avoid wasting our time later on. Notwithstanding the time and energy he put into getting to know us, he is genuinely committed to providing the best counsel to his clients and is extremely open and honest; it was very apparent that he viewed our best interests as being in his best interest and he quickly gained both our trust and respect.

We would recommend Agent Gus without hesitation to anyone who asked.”

Marc and Jen Knez
Richview, Etobicoke, Toronto

My husband and I relocated from overseas to Toronto in 2009…

“My husband and I relocated from overseas to Toronto in 2009, and into a small downtown condo. With the addition of our second son, we rapidly felt the lack of space and asked Gus to help us track down a house for our expanding family. As first time home buyers, and since our family was new to Toronto, we needed a lot of advice before we even started looking at homes. Gus proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable about the whole home search process, and had a great knowledge of many different neighbourhoods in Toronto, which ultimately helped us to choose the areas where we began our search. Within a couple of weeks we had found our dream house, and Gus confidently and articulately negotiated for us, securing us an excellent price on our home. Upon request, he recommended us to an excellent lawyer whom we used and were very satisfied with, and organized the home inspection for us also.

We were extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and exceptional personal service from Gus, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any other person looking to find an agent prepared to work hard, and serve their clients’ best interests.”

The Nguyen Family
Trinity-Bellwoods, Toronto

We were selling a rental condo heading into a slow summer season and wanted out quickly

“We were selling a rental condo heading into a slow summer season and wanted out quickly. Gus made sure we were well prepared by bringing in an excellent stager at a very reasonable price and suggested areas that needed to be fixed up in the unit, while still keeping cost in mind. The condo market in the area had already begun to drop dramatically and while we had some offers, they fell below the price we were willing to accept. We decided to rent the unit while still keeping it on the market in an attempt to stimulate some activity. Gus brought us a renter with good credit but when he was checking their reference, he did such a great job of selling the unit, the reference ended up buying the condo!

In the end, everyone was happy. We sold the condo at a good price, the buyer got an immediate return on investment since the renters were secured and the renters got a landlord that they already had a relationship with.

Gus is also great with kids and made a real bond with our three-year-old son during his many visits to our home to go over paperwork. We will definitely use Gus again in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an agent who goes above and beyond and adds a personal touch.”

The Durkacz Family
City Centre-Square One, Mississauga

We had a great experience with Gus when we were looking for a condo in Toronto

“We had a great experience with Gus when we were looking for a condo in Toronto. He carefully studied our preferences and presented many options in the price range which made us feel comfortable to make a decision without the feeling that we might have lost a good opportunity. He showed us many good opportunities. All his expertise in negotiating with owners and other agents helped us to achieve a good deal and in the right time. He gave us advice about many things that we should pay attention to and we reached the best cost-benefit deal. Gus, thank you so much for all your patience, attention and consideration for my family.”

Ana Marcondes and Leandro Motta
Waterfront Communities, Toronto

When we began searching for our first home…

“When we began searching for our first home, we had a fairly clear idea of what we were looking for, but no idea on how to accomplish it. Agent Gus was not only extremely knowledgeable about the practical side of buying a home, but was very diligent in making sure the home we were interested in was a good value, and a good investment decision. When it came to the negotiation, strategy was key in our deal, and Agent Gus excelled during this process. After a whole week of offers and counter-offers, we came to a favourable agreement and officially became homeowners! Agent Gus’s continued support during the inspection, the various post-purchase visits, and financing acquisition, was extremely helpful and detailed. His wealth of knowledge, flexible availability and genuine confidence helped us to reach our goal without any doubts along the way. Thanks Agent Gus!”

Matt Humphreys and Heidi Turner
Riverdale, Toronto

Gus is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market

“Gus is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate market. This combined with his being very thoughtful and thorough in the advice that he gives makes him an excellent real estate agent. Would most definitely use Gus again and will continue to recommend Gus to any of my friends who are looking for an agent who puts your interests first.”

Stan Kolenc
Lambton Baby Point, Toronto